Total Points by All Users for February 2019


Current Cash Pot = $56 

The HotPins Cash Pot starts with $20 and we add $1 to the cash pot for every 1,000 points earned, (updated daily)

How can you win?

Here at HotPins we reward our users who help us grow. Every month we award the top 3 monthly points earners with a great cash prizes!

>>> 1st prize50% of cash pot (awarded to the months top points earner)

>>> 2nd prize 20% of cash pot (awarded to the months 2nd top points earner)

>>> 3rd prize20% of cash pot (awarded to the months 3rd top points earner)

>>> 4th prize10% of cash pot (awarded to a random member drawn from the months top 4th to 10th points earners)

The more points earned = the bigger our monthly cash pot = more cash rewards for our 3 top points earners!


>>>> You must be a HotPins member. If you are not yet a member then click here to register.

>>>> Then all you need to do is view, repin, add HotPins and refer others to HotPins. 


That’s it! Based upon how many points have been earned throughout the month the 10 members with the most points at the end of the month will be entered into the monthly draw. The top 3 will win a cash prize and a lucky 4th winner will be drawn from the top 4 to 10th points earners for the month.

Prizes will only be paid via Paypal.

HOT TIP: Add your own HotPins and refer others to to earn big points! Send new people here–>

Here’s how you can earn HotPins points:

Earning points is easy! Here is the full list of ways to earn:

>>> Register as a Member: 10 points (one-time)

>>> Add a HotPin: 10 points per new HotPin published, (200 points per day limit)

>>> View a HotPin: 2 points per view of a HotPin, (200 points per day limit)

>>> Another member viewing your HotPin: 2 points per view per HotPin, (200 points per day limit)

>>> Refer a visitor to 2 points per visitor, (200 points per day limit)

>>> Refer a new member to 20 points pre new member, (500 points per day limit)


You can earn 1,000’s of points per day! So get viewing and adding to earn your HotPin points.

Keep an eye on the leaderboards which are displayed on our updates and website.


Important: No cheating please! We will know and we will delete accounts of cheaters.